My Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Choosing between Captain America and a movie about Apes


I just watch this movie today and it’s instantly became my all-time favourite movie. I’m not a big fan of the Planet of the Apes franchise, because frankly, the only movie I watched is way back in 2000. Back then all I know about the movie is that all the characters looks a lot like Michael Jackson. No I am not kidding.



Rise of the Planet of the Apes or RotPotA for short to me is for me is what Avatar suppose to be. Avatar focuses to much on “OMG Look at this grafixxx is sooo real!!!!!” and “This is the best movie of all time” stuff. Truthfully that movie is boring and predictable. Unlike RotPotA, it captures everything quite beautifully.

Let me gave you all little synopsis before I get to reviewing it. RotPotA is a story of Ceasar, an ape whose his mother has been the subject of Virus ALZ 112 which is being develop by Gen Sys lab to cure Alzheimer. Of course, humans would always think about money, money and money. So Ceasar’s mother’s, code named Bright Eyes are the test subject which shows great effects when it becomes more smarter than any other apes.



Long story short, when the BoD wants to look at her, she gone wild not because of the side effects, but because she was protecting Ceasar, her son. The bla bla bla, she got killed, the protector, played by James Franco, takes him in and in time it shows that Ceaser become smarter than any other primates. In time, Ceasar got captured and the rest you need to go watch it yourself or else I’m gonna spoil everything here.

During the bridge battler

During the bridge battle

Now let me review it. This movie is at its best when showing the relationship between Ceasar and James Franco. How Ceasar act more of a human than an ape, how James Franco act more like a father than a pet owner. And yes there is a time in the movie were Ceasar asked

“Am I a pet?”

But the main highlight of the movie is the Ape revolution. You could not believe how Ceasar, once a sweet an cute ape become a fearless leader to his own species. He start a revolution unlike any other and his goal is just to go out of the city, where he and his species can live peacefully.

Ceaser leading his army

The scene when Ceasar is leading an attack in the city

Nearing the end

Where James Franco finally found Ceasar near the end. And at this point, something will shock you.

The plot is gorgeous. A bit predictable yes, in the middle it can be a a bit dragging but it won’t make you feel bored at all. The apes design is marvelous, the emotion in the movie is really moving. Why? Because when you did go and see it, there is a moment when you will feel more on the ape side than the human, and you can see that even human are more of an animal than the apes.

Final thought, go and watch it. I haven’t see Captain America yet because I find the movie is just a generic superhero movie. Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a change and you will not regret it at all!

Its so good, I gave it 5 screaming Ceasar!

Ceasar Ceasar Ceasar Ceasar Ceasar

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