Looks like its been a while since I update this blog. Truth is, I actually forgot that I even have a blog. So this is not really an update. I still got no idea and right now I’m busy studying. Or should I say, online surfing. Yup, I admit, SPM Trial is just around the corner and the big day is just 2 months away. But like my teacher always say, if you ruled out all the bullshit you’re still doing, SPM is TOMORROW”. Yeah I’m not dumb but I’m pretty sure IF I ruled out all the bullshit stuff, it actually far far away. lol

So wow, this is gonna be a long post. And yeah, without pictures this is gonna be boring. So here’s some screenshot of my recently played games and, wait. I don’t have one.

And I’m out of time. Maybe tonight I would update some more and if I have and idea, I would make something out of this blog. All in all, Its good to be back and THIS BLOG IS PHAILED!!