Not A Rage Post!

I’m too lazy to write about this stuff. Better leave it to Obefiend. His post about it are somewhat 82% true.
Yup I know it was posted a long time ago. Just read it!

Abang Angkat, Akak Angkat, Adik Angkat by Obefiend

Know why I won’t write about this. Because if I do, later become a rage post. So better avoid it.

p/s: Actual Fact: When a guy ask the gal to be their adik or akak angkat, depa nk tackle wat jd awek la sbnrnye 2. But when the gal ask the guy to be their adik angkat, they really meant to, except when they want you to be her abang angkat . Conclusion, most guys don’t have the balls to be honest with the gals.