Review: Chronicle

if 2011 have Rise of The Planet of the Apes as my ‘Best Movie of The Year’, then on 2012, so far, Chronicle is on my top list for that. Why’s that? Well, let me make some review for that. Man, its been a long time since I’ve made a review for anything.

Lets start with the poster!

Cool. Digging the poster though.

So let me get to the story first. Its a story about 3 boys, Andrew, Steve and Matt, who found this creepy crystal like thing underground from a hole. Which, they also found after Steve and Matt went into the woods, and asks Andrew to come and record it. After exploring and stuff, they got like, I don’t know, blast from the crystal thing and end up having this telekinesis power. They can move objects and stuff without touching it. And also, they can fly, WHICH IS SO FREAKIN’ DAMN COOL!. And of course, boys will be boys and yes, shits happens. I won’t spoil it though, so just watch it. Think Anakin Skywalker. Yep, that’s a spoiler for you.

So, go on people. Watch it, like, now. Dammit, turn of your pc and go watch it now!

What do I think of it? Its a well done movie. The first half of the movie did seem to be a bit slow, but not like ‘oh well, I think I might sleep for this bit of the movie’ slow. Oh and is a documentary style movie. Or should I say, Mockumentary style. For those who didn’t know, its where a movie, is done almost like in first person view. But I can say, its pretty damn good. Especially the way Andrew use his power to let the camera go freely in the air. So this way, you can see the 3 of them in the movie, and not just 2. The movie is more about the 3 boys discovering their powers and go to a whole new level of awesomeness.

The downside is, well for me its just one, or two. The pacing for the first half is just a tad slow. So I was yawning quite a few time. Then, its the crystal. I still don’t know what it is, or how the hell did it gave them powers. But hey, its something that you really never bother to know though. So for me, that’s just it. The rest is brilliantly done.

My verdict? If Superman movies makes you wanna fly, this movie will make you want it really really really badly. The plot is great, the pacing is just right, the humor is just enough to make you laugh a bit, its just a well blend action movie. For me, its one of the most exciting movie that shows you the birth of a villain. Think Apex predator.

So what rating will I give this movie?



4 creepy Andrews out of 5!

Watch is, you will not regret it.


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