Review: Battleship

I know, I’m late to the party but hey, its not my fault that I have a really busy week, with projects and reports, test and stuff. I barely even have my own time. So today I finally got it, and I said to myself ‘Hey, why don’t I watch that Battleship movie. Seems like fun’. Yup, that was my expectation for the movie. But does it live up to it? Well, read through and you’ll get my answer.

So, Battleship. Anyone played this game before? I don’t. But I do know about the game, I saw it a bunch of times when I was a kid. And I know how that game plays. But here’s the amazing part, never did I thought that that board game, could turn into a movie. Want to know it is based on what kind of game? Its this one:

I won’t talk about it okay. Just google it and find out for yourself. Now, back to the movie. We will start with the Concept first.


Well, the fact that the concept comes from a guessing board game is pretty amazing to me. That is some creative thinking they got there. The settings are also nice, Hawaii. I mean, all this time, if there’s any Alien invasion movie, it will always be New York, every, goddamn, time. So its nice to see a change.

The second thing that I saw as a nice touch is the aliens. God they look so good. For me, by far the best looking alien, well, in a suit anyway. They remind me a lot about Halo. You know, the Xbox game. The alien ships are great, the visuals are stunning too. So for concept, they get a 5/5 from me.


Now the plot.


Its an okay for me. Nothing too fancy. You know, that guy who almost got kick out, but in the end, he’s the one who saves the world. Got a hot girlfriend, an asshole but then turns to be a humble person in the end. Yup, just okay. Oh forgot, contacting aliens, they come to earth instead of ‘We come in piece’ they we’re like ‘We come to cut you into pieces’. Predictable yes. I can sense what’s gonna come next. But what I don’t expect, is how much they really take the concept from the board game. They hack into the Tsunami detection buoyant, set up grids and play just like the board game. Man that is damn smart.

But, they action is a bit too dragging. Yes I like action, but a never ending 10 minutes of boom is not good too. Its a 3.5/5 from me.


Liam Neeson is awsome as always. Taylor Kitsch did a good job in the movie. Brooklyn Decker is hot as hell and Rihanna is a worst actress. I know I hate her, but I look at her as an actress, not a singer. And yes, not a good job BUT, I do see potential.

But in the end, even though Taylor is the main character, but Liam Neeson, even though only got like 15-20 minutes of screen time, still the best actor. 3/5 from me.


I’ll be short and simple. It is great. It really shows you the scale of the alien invading Hawaii. Just the first scene where Alex Hooper (Taylor Kitsch) got a closer look at the Alien structure, you could see how big that shit is. Really. And the Alien Battleship looks big and powerful.

The camera works id great too. Many director would’ve choose to go full on shaky cam with this movie, but not for Peter Berg. Throughout the movie, not once did I ever felt throwing up or got major headache. Yes there’s still shakiness, but it is so balance, that I tend to like it more. This one, get a 4/5 rating from me.


Great. Nothing too fancy. The CGI’s are damn awesome, although during the bridge collapsed, it wasn’t that convincing. And yes, that’s my only complain. I gave it a 4/5 rating.


Battleship is an ordinary aliens invading earth movie. But, it does have a great concept which I love. The aliens are great looking, along with the CGI of course. The action is great, though sometimes it can be a little dragging. With an average plot, I say this movie is above average. Meaning that if you watch it,  its not a waste of your time, but if you didn’t watch it, you’re not missing anything special or extraordinary.

With that, I gave Battleship and average 4/5 rating. Or in this case,



*all photos are from Rotten Tomatoes unless stated