Kasino Have Arrived!

Yep. It’s finally here. But I’m not gonna read it tonight. Tomorrow night yes. Need to savor up all the content inside. Be prepare for another slow reading by me!

Kasino from Buku Fixi

Reading will be hobby baru aku sebelum tido. At least 5 page before I go to sleep šŸ˜€


Getting Back My Love For Reading

I’m what you call a slow reader. A book will took me about 2-3 weeks to finish. Sometimes even a month. And 2 years ago, I finish reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince in 5 months. Why? Because for me, it’s not the best out of all 7 books. But surprisingly, the 7th book was so damnĀ intriguing that it took me….wait for it….3 DAYS! 3 freaking days! Why? Because its the last book and I was like “Come on, kill Voldermort already you whining retard!”

But after that I kinda stop reading. I even stop buying comics. Especially the ones that Gempakstarz publishes. But then I read this post from Obefiend’s blog, and it suddenly gives my reading interest a jumpstart. And I start to want to buy books again. And yes, 2 days after that, I order this book from Buku Fixi


It sounded like a good book to read. Plus I’ve never bought any Malay novel, so this will be a good start for me. And then, I started to make a list of books that I’m gonna be buying. Starting from this

Legacy of the ashes

and some comics that I’ve found to be really, really interesting. But on top on my “must buy comics” are these two

Escape from wonderland


Yes. These comics are the usual fairy tales that you used to read and watch, but in this time, it turns to be a really dark fairy tales. And that what makes it so interesting for me. Each would cost about RM90. Its expensive I know, but I’m not gonna rush and buy it at once, but work on slowly, one by one, because I know I can’t afford all of it with just one go.

Well these are the books that I’m planning to buy. Hopefully my book, Kasino, would arrive tomorrow because by this Saturday, I’m not gonna be here anymore. Back in Johor guys.

So yeah. I’m gonna be a bookworm again. Not for just these books, but also for my study next week. I’m gonna try to finally achieve my true goal, to get 4.0 on my final exam (considering my 1st sem I only get 3.51). So wish me luck!

Kasino cover art from FIXI.COM.MY
Legacy of the Ashes cover from OBEFIEND.BLOGSPOT.COM
Escape from Wonderland and Neverland cover art from ZENESCOPE.COM