Google+ And My 2nd Semester

I got invited to Google+ though. Thanks to all /k/tards who willingly invited almost everyone who ask for the invitation in the Google+ plus thread.


Yeah at first it looks like Facebook. It even have a similar interface but what really stands out is the Circle. It looks fun, cool, and easy to organize groups of people. Google+ is also fast and fluid. Right now its still not testing phase, so that’s why I only have 12 friends 😀

Now to my 2nd semester. Gila la this sem memang pack gila. Boleh gila. If I didn’t get 4 flat after this aku tak tahu la nak cakap apa. Most class ended at 4:15 PM. Friday is more crazy, 5:15 PM. But a sacrifice must be made. I tell my parents, mama abah, sem ni zul nak bagi 4 flat, and konvo nanti, mama abah akan duduk depan sekali, takkan duduk belakang dah. Yes, its not a promise, but it is what I wanna do for them.

Nak tengok jadual gila sem nih?

Timetable DHK2B 2011

Sekali tengok memang buat aku FFFFFUUUUUUUU la

On another note, Kasino is now on page 182. Agak slow but not too slow.