REVIEW+ : The Avengers

So last night was a bit terrible review. I kinda rush it in just because it was 2 in the morning, my head is getting heavy but yet, I still want to finish the review. So I know I didn’t give to much about the plot because like I said, not much memorable moments to actually, well, remember.

But I will make it up today with the focus on the plot and pacing. Continue reading


REVIEW: The Avengers


Here’s what I have to say about The Avengers. It is mind blowing fun! I do have high hope for this film. It doesn’t actually exceeded my expectation, but it surely met them. Though I know, I’m late 1 week to the party but hey, at least the party is still there.

How we should kick this review off? With the poster of course!

And then the trailer!

Okay. Now lets start with the review. I don’t bother giving you guy the synopsis because mankind have created this remarkable thing, where you just type in what your looking for and the poof! You got thousands or even millions of pages to choose from. Its call GOOGLE.

Back to the review let me break it down just like my review of Battleship.


We want to rule you all, humans! Yup, that’s basically the main plot that I know. Though the concept is cliche, I mean come on, having all heroes, or should I say, Marvel Heroes together saving the world from destruction is cliche. But its a good cliche. It just barely hit that sweet spot of sweet and awesome. But of course, when you say alien invasion, on have to say NEW YORK! BURN NEW YORK TO HELL! Sigh. Can’t for once these aliens find some other places to burn. I hear Japan is short on destruction since Godzilla time. Why don’t you guys invade them? I heard they also one advance nation. Plus they got sushi! Aliens loves sushi.

But oh my god the aliens, or they call it Chautari(?) looks so damn ugly and unoriginal. It doesn’t look interesting at all for me because these are the types of aliens you probably saw in every sci fi movie. Yep. Nothing special there. But hey, nice cliche concept, still loving it, I gave it a 4/5.


Like I said before, cliche plot but in a good way. I gave away the plot in the above statement. And I don’t wanna give anything away so let me just say its a 4/5 from me.


Who’s there to see The Avengers so that they can watch Tony Stark be a super fun, cocky ass son of a bitch? ME! Robert Downey Jr. practically stole the spotlight from all of them. In fact, SPOILER ALERT he became the real hero SPOILER ENDS. Chris Evans as the Captain America also did a good job, along with Chris Hemsworth as Thor BUT he kinda lost his Thor-ness in this movie. No more I AM THE KING OF ASGARD BLA BLA BLA. Instead its like this really humble and nice Thor. Which is not to my liking.

But The Hulk, oh god seriously. When I heard that this time, The Hulk.Bruce Banner will be played by Mark Rufallo, honestly I said ‘Dammit! He’s totally gonna ruin it!’. By the end of the night, I bite my own tongue. I got to admit, he’s actually the best Hulk/Bruce Banner since Edward Norton. The best that IF they make another Hulk movie, please let him take the role. The rest is just fine. The casts have this great chemistry between them all. I gave it a 5/5.


I like the it. Like every other Marvel movies, you don’t need a lot of shaky cams when there’s chaos. So The scale of destruction is also great. I actually applaud Joss Whedon for his amazing work in this movie.

The explosion is not too excessive and its not eye soaring to see boom there and there. Not much to say, a 4/5 from me.


Not the best I’ve seen this year. Battleship still hold the top spot for me. Though the alien designs is great, some of the just looks fake and unappealing. Like this one time when Loki is on a flying bike thingy, it really looks unrealistic to see the background moves and stuff.

But when it comes to Iron Man and The Hulk, they both look amazing and super real. Thumbs up! 4/5.


I know you guys must be a bit confuse with my review tonight but hey, its a great movie for me. But its not the kind of movie that make you want to go for a second round, like The Hungers Games and Chronicle. The Avengers have this great comedic timing and at the same time gave a good punch in the face with their spectacular action scenes. Then again, it doesn’t have the iconic moment that makes you want to see it again.

Oh and on the side not, I suggest you to not watch the 3D version. Its not worth your money. Seriously, I can recall only one scenes that actually make use of the 3D. The rest, well, if your cinema suggests a 2D version (not the normal one), I say go for that. 3D IS NOT WORTH IT AT ALL.

So what rating will I give The Avengers? An awesome 4/5 or should I say 4 awesomely looking Tony Stark out of five.


And bringing my not permanent movie rating meter in:


^                                        ^                                          ^

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