The Amazing Spider-Man looks, well, AMAZING!

I never read any of Spider-Man’s comics. I only watch some of it cartoon series. But I do watch all of Spider-Man movies. From the awesome Spider-Man 1, the okay Spider-Man 2 and the horribly terrible Spider-Man 3.

But then last year I heard that they gonna do a reboot for the Spider-Man series. Being a fan, I look it up and found that Andrew Garfield is set to play as Peter Parker. You know, the guy from The Social Network movie. Yup, I actually adore him in that movie. And he’s just perfect for the role of Peter Parker.

Why? Since Peter Parker has never been the buff tough guy person like Tobey Maguire is. He’s always the skinny school boy that has been the inspiration to all the skinny kids out there, including me. And Andrew Garfield physique is just perfect for the role. And of course, being a school kid, Peter have always been a joker, and he is in this movie too. Unlike the previous movies where they make Peter a sad, pathetic, emo character which I totally despise.

And praise to lord they have Emma Stone! I practically love her, in movies of course. It all started when I watch Zombieland which is my favourite zombie movie. And to have her as Gwen Stacy is a big plus why this film is a must watch for me. Now, did you know that Gwen Stacy is the supposed lover of Peter Parker, and not the Mary Jane bitch? Yep.

The Amazing Spider-Man is taking a more fanbase reboot, as it follows closely to the comic series. In the comic, Spider-Man didn’t have the natural web from his wrists. He actually made himself a Web Shooter that uses artificial webs. He made it to fit his arm and with a double tap the forearm, he releases the artificial web through his Web Shooter. Ha, that is another reason why its a must watch for me, it makes Spider-Man looks a more realistic considering his mutation only multiplied his strengths, speed and reflexes.

Its the movie that is on my top list of a must watch for 2012. I’m a big Spider-Man fan and I dare to say the The Amazing Spider-Man will be AMAZING!

images are all from Rotten Tomatoes unless otherwise stated


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