REVIEW+ : The Avengers

So last night was a bit terrible review. I kinda rush it in just because it was 2 in the morning, my head is getting heavy but yet, I still want to finish the review. So I know I didn’t give to much about the plot because like I said, not much memorable moments to actually, well, remember.

But I will make it up today with the focus on the plot and pacing.


The movie started of with a little bit of S.H.I.E.L.D. backgrounds and what they are actually doing. Mainly trying to make use of the Tessaract unlimited power, you know, that blue cube you saw in Captain America. Yup, its called the Tessaract. So they ask Eric Selvig, the guy from Thor to tap the power of it. What they actually want to do to it is a secret because I want to avoid major plot points for those who still haven’t watch it.

But of course, all hell breaks lose. The Tessaract gone out of control and open up the portal which the Loki get out and come to earth. Long story short, they talk and talk, then Loki starts killing, stun Nick Fury and got out from the base. There, enough spoilers. Then the movie continues with Tony Stark and his new Stark Tower, which is actually one of the main item you should really focuses in the whole movie, or else you won’t get it at all. S.H.I.E.L.D. then decided to call all the Heroes in the world, because Loki actually are starting a war between humans and the Chautari, so humans needs all the help they can get.

Unfortunately, the Avengers initiatives were canceled. All because of Tony Stark. He doesn’t like the idea. Why? They didn’t explain it, maybe you’ll find the answers in the comic. Most of the time, the movie actually gave quite a simple yet enough briefing of how these heroes become, well, heroes. Its great to know that you don’t really need to watch all the movies before this to know all about The Avengers. But to understand the Tessaract, you do need to watch Captain America and Thor, because that actually explains how the actually got a hold of it.

Now let me make a review of this. Like I said before, you don’t really need to watch all the previous movie before to actually understand what’s going on. They did a good job of getting you up to speed. You won’t see any major plot holes because Jess Whedon did a fine job of filling those in. The pacing is just nice, not perfect because the beginning of the movie is a bit dragging. Its not until you get to about 30-40 minutes you’ll start to see some great actions.

Memorable scenes? Not so much for me. I barely remember how Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk for the first time, and what Nick Fury is talking to the council at the beginning of the movie. But of course, I do remember how Tony Stark became the hero, though it was a bit cheesy. But what you will remember is the humor that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner brings to the movie. Scenes like Tony saying ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropists’ when Captain America asked what he is when he doesn’t have that armor on. And Hulk trying to give a ‘good job’ punch to Thor, but gave it too much that Thor is like being hit by a truck. The humor is memorable, but the action is not so much.

But now let me go to the 3D. Reviews all over the world said that they incorporated 3D so well, that it is actually great. Well not for me. The only 3D moments I saw is when Black Widow is pointing the gun in front of the camera, and the gun actually looks like its popping out from the screen. But that is the only scene that make use of it. The rest is like, nothing. If I can go back in time, I rather take the normal one, or the 2D one if its available. So 3D for me is a waste.

But again, just like my last night review. It is still a great movie. An awesome movie actually. But it lacks memorable moments, actually it lacks memorable action moments, because it was just okay and sometimes just a bit cheesy. Though I like the humor, but it’ll be great if they include scenes that makes me wanna say ‘remember that moment when…’

Still a 4/5 from me, not a 5/5 just because of that one thing they actually didn’t do well. Watch it, brag to your friends because it is actually my no 1 movie of this year, beating The Hunger Games, my previously no 1 movie pick.

Long Note: If you want to fully understand the whole big picture, you need to actually watch all the previous Marvels heroes movies. There’s a big connection of how Tony Stark knew all about S.H.I.E.L.D. before the others, and where did the Tessaract came from and how come it arrived in Captain America and why Thor and Loki wants it. And also why they need to find Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk to help S.H.I.E.L.D. look for it again.

All images are from The Avengers Official Facebook page unless stated


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