My Movies Line Up For May 2012

So during this whole months of having practically nothing to do, I might as well watch and make some reviews of the movies that I’ve planned to see. Its not much though, but hey, these are the movies that I am waiting to see.

So for May of 2012:

#1 Dark Shadows

Here’s the trailer and read the synopsis here:

Truth be told, the trailer doesn’t look that appealing for me. The story might be outdated but still looks fun for me. And the casts surely looks great. With Johnny Depp as the lead character, then you have Eva Green who is not that much of a great actress actually, but still looks hot and of course Chloe Moretz. I said the trailer didn’t appeal for me but its hard to put this movie away from my list because I am a big fan of Tim Burton films. Except his version of Batman which I loath so much. But hey, I will be watching this movie when it come out this month.

#2 Men in Black III

The trailer and synopsis:

Men in Black has always been one of my all time favorite sci fi series. Though the story lines didn’t interest me that much, I actually looking forward to see the humor they incorporated into this 3rd movie. I actually looking forward to that. Plus Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are both my all time favorite actors, and their chemistry in the Men In Black series before this are just great. I’m looking forward to be brainwash again by them both.

#3 Snow White and The Huntsman

The trailer and synopsis:

I’ve never been a Kirsten Stewart fan. Ever since that Twilight movie, I can’t help but hating her so much that I never did see any of her films. Until now. I love a great spin offs from fairy tales. Snow White suppose to be this Prince Charming saves this beautiful lady and lives happily ever after right? Well not in this movie. A darker version of fairy tales have always been my favorite. Just like Alice in Wonderland which is still my favorite fairy tales spin offs movie ever. This movie is a must for me.

#4 Piranha 3DD

The trailer:

And here’s a movie that I didn’t get a synopsis of. What I know is that piranha is attacking people. The trailer makes it looks like a stupid movie actually. I don’t even know why I want to watch it. Maybe because I need to find some movie to hate so much. And this movie practically on my hate list. Oh and yes I purposely chose that poster for you guys.


The trailer:

Again a movie that I didn’t get the synopsis of(lazy actually). I’m not a fan of Malaysia movies but this is a movie that I need to see in order to know how much improvements we have since Cicak-Man, which is another stupid Malay film. The trailer did seem appealing enough for me, and I have standard expectations of this movie. Lets just pray it can exceed it.

Well there you have it. My movies line up for May of 2012. I’m surely looking forward for this month because the top three are the ones that I’ve been dying to see since last year. Yeah. Until then, wait for my review of these 5.

All images are from Rotten Tomatoes unless otherwise stated


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