MANTERA: That Made In Malaysia Transfomers (Well, not exactly)

If you’ve been reading this blog since forever, which I doubt, you would already know how much I hate my own country film industry. The same love+comedy, action+comedy, horror+comedy films, heck, I think this country just love too much on comedy, that I felt like every single words we said, came straight from movies.

All said, I actually lost any hope to a slight change in the wind of Malaysia’s film industry. But then, early last year, I heard about this movie, MANTERA. Which is a stupid acronym for MAN Transformable Exo-Robotic Armor (really, Malaysians?). But hey, I’m open to any new and different type of movies Malaysians made. And I really appreciate their effort. For example, there we once this Antoo Fighter: Amukan Drakulat, which is a cheap ripoff of Ghost Busters. The movie is bad, I can tell you that, but it did open up a new genre, which Malaysians movie makers are not really down with it.

Then there’s this 6 series DVD called Armor X, again, another cheap ripoff of Japanese Kamen Rider series. It looks cool, really. I actually dig it. But the plot is so damn stupid, the cast is really the worst I’ve seen in years, with terrible, terrible CGI. But hey, I dig it because its a nice try. A really good try indeed. To the director of the series, I would love to see a sequel of that series, just remember to top it a notch, make it a tv series instead.

Now back to MANTERA. But before you read any of my rant, lets watch the trailer first.

Now here’s what I think from just seeing the trailer. First of all, I’m digging the CGI with this. It may not look like Hollywood level, heck, not even China level, but it is damn good. Better than what you see from KRU, and they suppose to be the Goliath in Malaysia CGI’s. The robots looks great, but damn, the main character suit looks ugly. Shit ugly I tell you.

Now secondly, the tone that they use. Its a little dark, which I actually really love in a movie. The camera works (just from the trailer) looks cool. Very professionally made, almost like a Hollywood movie. So a double thumbs up for that.

Thirdly, the cast. I don’ know who the heck is to Americans, but I do see Tomok. Which brings me to a question. Why Tomok? Seriously? You rather took an unprofessional actor to be in your first movie? Plus, I hate him. Aside to that, the cast aren’t that interesting to me.

Fourth is the use of English. Okay I know, even now my post are in English, but this is a Malaysian movie. Can’t for once you make a fully Malay movie? Is it a must to use English? Maybe this movie will use like what, 20% of English but still, it annoys me.

In then end, its my second Malay movie that I think I need to watch. The first one is Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, which turns out to be nothing but a naked dude thinking he’s invincible. Its a really below average movie from KRU.

But hey, I could give this movie a chance. I love Sci-Fi movies, I love robots, and I love to see different genres us Malaysians make. Oh on a side note, I haven’t done my metering for this blog yet, so for now I just use text metering.


^                                        ^                                          ^

Blergh!                         Okay                               Awesome!


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