Dammit! More Books?

Welcome welcome to the 2nd part of “Books for nerds like….ME!” and I’m your host for this evening, Artic Monkeys! And notice that, I SPELT ARCTIC WRONG! The biggest regret in my life, ever. And get ready for 3 wall of text belowwwwwwwwww

Oooookay back to the title, books. I you my previous post, you’ll know that I love to read. I  you read my previous previous previous post you’ll know that I love to do useless things but that’s not your concern. Stop being my dad you immature little *this word has been deleted by the Cyber Police, consequences will never be the same*. Seriously, whenever I start to type, I often get wayyyyy of course from my original title.

Now back to the title, again, I wanna talk about my new books. 2 Malay and 1 English. Remember, I DON’T READ THOSE MUSHY MUSHY LOVEY DOVEY books. They are annoying and unoriginal and, annoying. Did I said it was ANNOYING? Because the story are almost the same in every book. Its predictable and boring. That’s why when searching for a Malay novel, I turn myself to Buku Fixi. Their books are A for Awesome and F for Freaking AWESOME! So that’s why I-wait, this is to long, NEXT PARAGRAPH!

That’s why I bought this last weekend while at the JOHO Monsoon Mayhem event:

I’m at page 70 something right now. I’m a slow reader, compare to a snail, I’m more like a turtle. Wait, that doesn’t make sense, even a turtle is faster that a snail. Never mind. So far this books is pretty good. Though the use of too much IT terms bores a bit but hey, for a tech geek like me, its not that bad. Man, I don’t feel like writing they synopsis, grow up and look it up yourself will you.

Next is a book about why Malaysia never did went to the world cup

This book is great though. Plus it the indie version. Limited to like 1000 something copies only. The next time you see this, it’ll be the edited version, with a lot of adjustments made to it.  Wait, am I being to serious right now? Hurmmmm

Now this, this is what I’ve been searching for. The Hunger Games. No, its not a book about getting hungry or stuff, this is about a killing game. Awesome. Plot revolves around a girl, MORE AWESOME! Buying this instead of Zombijaya? TRIPLE AWESOME! and to top it all off, I’M FREAKIN’ AWESOME TOO!

Still wrapped in plastic. And it’ll stay that way until I finished Jerat. Unlike most people, I can’t juggle multiple book at once. Because if I do that, I most likely to get confuse and my tiny little brain can’t handle the awesome-ness of reading.

There you go. See you guys again in a decade. Because I don’t like posting blogs. It so boring and feel like a retard. Seriously, this is not fun at all. Go buy Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Heard that book is awesome. A bundle set is like 200 bucks. Yup, can’t afford it. Better off selling your organs to the black market if you want more awesome books.

Again, this has been another worthless post by me. Good night!


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