Books and books and an actual blog post this time

Fuuhhh! Fuuuuhhhhhh! Dusty blog. Oh hye there! Welcome to my blog! A minimal reboot. Because I didn’t post anything for the last 2 gazillion years. So this time, I won’t let that happen anymore. I’m gonna update every week. By every week I mean after this post, see me in another 2 thousand years guys.

Okay back to business. Books. I love books. If on Youtube, the best thing you could watch is cat videos, for me, the best thing I could ever want is books. Next to that is a PS3, a DSLR, a brand new Polo GTi and money. Lots and lots of money.

So I bought 2 books. About 2 months ago. Hah! Take that guys! I’m so poor I can’t even afford to buy books. God help me. And do you guys notice, FULL ON ENGLISH WRITING MAN! Last time I use Manglish on this blog but noooo, no today WordPress. Not today.

Okay put that aside, here’s my books for the past 2 months.

Numbah 1

The Sacred Bones. Sounds like a creepy title? NO IT IS NOT! Remember The Da Vinci Code? This books is more like it. Want me to review it?

Okay, its thrilling. Got same dark attitude. Also you got Christian, Jew and Islam put into this book. And the book is more about Jesus Christ and the a Muslim trying to save a Christian man because he’s being accused of stealing a relic which is believed to be Jesus Christ remains.

How long it took for me to finish it? Probably never. Why? It got sooooooo boring when I reach the 60th chapter. I try to finish it but I can’t. Give me money then I’ll finish it. Don’t get me wrong. Its a good book, but not good enough towards the ending. So is it really Jesus Christ remains? Guess I’ll never know.

Now, NUMBAH 2!

A Malay novel! My first Malay novel! And it get better, ITS NOT A LOVE NOVEL! Yeah! I’m so proud of myself right now. I think I’m gonna cry. Nah, just kidding. Kasino. Wow. One word I could describe about this book. Uh-May-Zing! Amazing!

Why? The reading the book is like watching a movie. Whenever I’m reading it, its like I’m stepping into the main character shoes. And all the brands he uses, like perfume and such, I thought all of it was made up. I was so wrong. I found out that all of it exists. Every, single, one of it.

How long it took me to finish it? 2 weeks. Why? Because I’m busy with study, assignments and stuff. That’s why. Okay I’m starting to get bored right now. No more lame jokes!

Numbah 3 is actually quite special. I got it as a gift from my sister last friday. Because my birthday is last week. And my birthday present came late because the store have to direct import them straight from the US. Wow! And boy its worth every penny the use because I’ve been wanting it for so long. What is it? Forgive my nerdiness side but it is…

The Tales of Beedle the Bard! Wow I use a lot of “!” in this post. And the word “Wow”. I absolutely love this book. Firstly because its a present from my sister. Second, its a nice addition for my Harry Potter books collection. And for my books chest. Well, more like a cardboard box but hey, I can dream can I?

How long it took for me to finish it? Dude! I just got it. Give me some time will you. Jeez. I need my Me time too you know. There’s website to be surf, games to be played, bed to be slept on. Yeah, I’m busy okay.

Well I have nothing to say anymore. Oh and before I forgot, I’ve made a fully Malay blog using Blogger. So you can check it out if you click this blue words here. Not here, because its black. I assume you’re not colorblind right?

So, a really long post for a really long time of no update. Hope you get bored reading this because you can see another one in months. Yup, later!


2 comments on “Books and books and an actual blog post this time

    • Wow that was some quick comment. Haha. Yeah, The Sacred Bones is not that great. You can try it if you want, but it bored me towards the end 😀

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