The Truth Within The Involvement Of Illuminati In Hari Raya Exposed!!!

In Response To This Pitiful Entry By This Blog And This Ridiculous Facebook Post , Some Researchers Has Also Started Their Investigation On The Involvement Of Illuminati In Hari Raya. Why? We All Know They Want To Conquer The World. So They Do Anything To Set Us Up. Even The Littlest Things. So Does It Exclude Hari Raya? I Think Not!

This Post Is A Translation From One Of The Top Researchers In This Mind Boggling Issue. His Post Can Be Read Here. Now, Let The Exposure Begins!

Illuminati/Freemasons on Our Beloved Ketupat!

Ketupat Is A Famous Dish That Needs To Be Serve In Hari Raya. Its A Delicious Dish And Its Famous Around Children. But! In My Knowledge, There Hasn’t Been Any Word Of Ketupat Mention In The Times Of The Prophets. So How Did The Ketupat Make Its Way To Us?

Illuminati Of Course. They Have Benn Planning This From The Start. They Try To Incorporate Their Symbols And Belief Into Us. Illuminati Is Satan I Tell You. Satan!!
Checkerboard Floor
See The Picture. Its The Main Hall In Freemason Headquarters(I Think). The Checkerboard Floor Is An Important Symbol In Every Freemasons Ritual. Now Look At This.
Ketupat Liao
Look At It. Its Checkerboard Patterns. Yeah It Not The Same Color As The Original. But That Is What They Want You To Think! They Put This In Our Traditional Food For So Long! For God Sake What Have We Been Feeding Our Children With!

The Triangle. We All Know It Symbolizes The Pharaoh. Its Also The Symbol For Illuminati Which The Incorporated Into The US Dollars. Did You Know This Is Also The Agenda In Our Hari Raya Too?
All Seeing Eye
Ketupat Palas
Just Look At It. Its Triangular Shape Proves That They Have Done It Again To Us! All This Time Its Seems As We Are Worshiping Them. Humans! Repent Now!

Christianity/Jewish Influence On Our Famous Lemang!

Continuing With The Ketupat, Lemang Is Also One Of Our Famous Dishes.But Even Lemang Are Not Exclude By Them In Their Quest To Enslave Us. Its Their Way To Weaken Our Faith!
It Looks Good Right? But Don’t Be Fooled. The Order Of Them Are Similar To What The Christian Use In Their Churches. The Organ. This Organ Is A Piano Use In Many Of Their Famous Churches.

The Lemang Which Has Been Cut And Looks Just Like The Books That The Jewish Uses. We’ve Been Supporting McDonalds That We Know Came From A Jew. But We Didn’t Realize That We Also Copy Their Culture Into Our Food!
Ketupat Yang Dipotong
Its Looks So Good. But Think Before You Eat Them.
Kitab Jew

Conspiracy On The Use Of Lemang And Ketupat Together.

The Ketupat And Lemang Are The Conspiracy Brought By ‘The Hidden Hand’ In Their Plan To Disturb And Destroy Our Faith. Lets Look At Their Hidden Agenda When Both Of The Are Combined.
The Circle Are The Symbol Of The All Seeing Eye Where As The Triangle Are The Common Tool In Their Satanic Ritual And Magic. The Rendang However Is An Ingredient Use In Their Ritual Too. When They Are Combined, Thus The Illuminati Symbol Are Brought To Our Eyes!

Another Discussion About The Star And The Moon Can Be Read At The Original Post Because I Do Not Dare To Talk About It Here.
The Ad Also Have Been Explained By Many Of Other Researchers. They Are:
Prof. Obefiend
Dr. N30cramanc3r

Original Credit Goes To Lufkin. We Should Have Let /k/ Rule The World Instead.

Repent Humans!

p/s : Hye Guys! Its Been Ages.


6 comments on “The Truth Within The Involvement Of Illuminati In Hari Raya Exposed!!!

  1. wow…vgood reasearh have been done. maybe freemason movement went to melaka during parameswara time…..huhuhuhu…… full of crapt…. lemang with organ….

  2. wow… hahahaha! so damn funny posts! hikhik! dude, not all ketupat checkered pattern like black and white lah.. got also all green maa. this blog is REALLY REALLY funny! good work!

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